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Every memory I have of my childhood casts pens, pencils, crayons, and paper in the lead roles. These were the implements of my dreams. I worked in words and images and stories from the moment I was able to communicate. When presented with the option of participating in a Science Fair or a Literary Fair in second grade, I chose the latter and my first book was born–“The Life of Suzy Marie.” One year Santa brought me a bale (that’s 10 reams) of copy paper. I treasured that gift, and the hours of creating that lay ahead on those blank pages.

And so when the advent of blogging came about, I was intrigued but reluctant. There is much trepidation in putting your words out for all to see and read and critique. I’ve attempted several blogs over the years, but my longest-running blog began with the birth of my son, Harrison, in 2007. It was a weekly chronicle of his development intended for an audience of family members near and far. Called the Harrison Dailies when it began, we soon changed the blog name to when sweet daughter Norah was born in 2009. That blog has been my joy in creating. Looking back on old posts and recalling intimate details of my children’s growth written down forevermore is a gift to myself–a remembrance of this season of motherhood.

This blog, my first real attempt at chronicling my journey as an educator, came about because I wanted to capture my 13th year–something about that number. My 13th year of teaching, during which I will be turning 40 years old. Call it my midlife crisis, or impetus for greater reflection. No matter, this infant blog has brought me new joy–in forcing myself to think about the impact of my teaching, my behavior, my choices, my lessons, on my beloved students. So much of what happens in my classroom is determined by ME. That’s weighty stuff that I take seriously. Making a blog as a formal place to digest these lessons in my own growth as a teacher was my goal and priority in creating my

7 thoughts on “My Blog Story

  1. Hi Kelley. I’m so happy to be part of the #EduBlogsClub with you! I relate to your feelings of trepidation as a blogger and think there are so, so many (too many) people on the edge of their seats, trying to find the might to jump in and blog. I hope this club encourages many to take the leap. Cheers!


  2. I enjoyed reading your post, especially the part about why you set up your first blog chronicling the development of your kids. I sure wish I had done the same. Looking forward to more posts in the #EdublogsClub to come!


  3. Hi Kelly,
    Having a purpose for the blog is so important. Chronicling the life and times of your children is a great way for them to look back on their young lives but also a way for family who live far away to join in the activities. Well done!


  4. Having an intention for blogging is so important. I appreciate your story and am using it as part of my own inspiration as I gather the courage to embark on my blogging journey.


  5. I liked that Santa brought you paper 🙂 I remember asking my Mum if Santa could get me a stapler. All my friends laughed. But I remember thinking that I can start making a zine right away. It was a great year.


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