Soul-sucking. Exhausting. Weary. That’s what late October and early November feel like for teachers. I was feeling it in the English Department last week and wanted to do something small to liven spirits. I truly appreciate the work each and every person in my department does to contribute to student success and achievement at our school. And I know that when teachers are low, students are soon to follow. With inspiration from the Love, Teach blog’s term, DEVOLSON (dark evil vortex of late September, October, and November), I created this quick pick-me-up to begin out English Department meeting last week. To my surprise, our Principal joined us (good thing I had a spare paper plate ready to go–just wrote his name on it real quick…). Each person passed their plate around the circle to the right and with each new plate that arrived, we wrote an adjective or phrase on the plate in praise of that person. The result was just as I had hope–smiling mouths, eyes of gratitude, even arms embracing. Sometimes it really is the little things. img_0018

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