Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Katie and I met 7 years ago when she began working at the middle school where I was teaching. I knew right away that we would get along. Her sense of humor and easy-going nature drew me to her. I left middle school to teach high school and hated leaving behind some tremendous friendships when I did. As luck would have it, we bumped into one another one afternoon at JoAnn Fabrics, a mecca for teachers looking for adorable and affordable back-to-school decorations. She mentioned wanting to move to teaching high school and just that week, a spot had opened up on staff at my school. Long story short, she got the job–of course–and our paths crossed again. Three years later, we are now fortunate enough to share a classroom and an office as we both serve as Teacher Leaders for our school–teaching part time, coaching/mentoring/supporting teachers the other half of the time. As we said at our middle school, Team Work Makes the Dream Work. I’m lucky to have you, Katie.

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