About Mrs. K

The most wonderful and daunting thing about teaching is that no day is the same. Adventures, challenges, heartaches, and successes define this career. I have always known I was meant to teach. Teaching is my calling. On this 13th year of my journey, I’ll chronicle with honesty, elation, and frustration what I’m teaching write now in my high school English class.

Besides teaching three sections of 11th graders in my AICE English Language class, I also have the honor and privilege of serving as English Department Chair and as a Teacher Leader (think coach/mentor/support) at my school. I’ll write about those roles, too.

One thought on “About Mrs. K

  1. This evening I happened to stumble upon your blog and saw the response you wrote to my letter to your class.

    I’m glad you found my words at least a little helpful.

    Best wishes to you and your students.



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